The Fortune is in the Follow Up

We provide done-for-you and automated follow up solutions that increase loyalty, referrals, and conversions.

Finally, a way to ensure your follow up is done the right way without the stress, guilt and lack of consistency.


What is LinkU?

Imagine you have your very own expertly trained Follow Up assistant working by your side, combined with the most amazing follow-up automation platform ever created.

See How it Works
LinkU Personal Assistant Robot
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Your Follow Up Assistant Can...

Reconnect You with Your Clients

We'll create personal automation to initiate conversations with your clients and sphere every day.

Send a Special Message

We'll send a handwritten thank you card for a birthday, get well, or other unique moments that call for a timely and personal touch.

Engage and Re-Engage Leads

We'll create automated follow up to initiate contact for new leads, or re-engage old leads.

Setup Branded Retargeting Ads

We'll create ads on Facebook and Instagram to help keep you top of mind of virtually everyone you know.

Assist in Exporting and Importing Contacts

We can import and export contacts for follow up campaigns, format and clean files, and more.

Handle the Technical Work

We'll set up integrations, install your retargeting pixels, improve email deliverability, format and clean CSV files, and more.

Be Everywhere They Are with Omnipresent Follow Up

We leverage all the follow up techniques and channels available, including emails, text messages, retargeting ads, handwritten notes, personal reminders, and more— creating a series of touches orchestrated by us and your Follow Up Assistant, sent on your behalf.

Superhero Agent surrounded by follow up tools

Imagine what you could accomplish with help from LinkU...

  • Organized Database A structure to organize, segment and tag your contacts.
  • Systemized Follow Up On-going follow up that runs like a well-tuned machine.
  • Consistent Growth Systems and processes that create consistent growth.
  • Top of Mind Establish "fame" and authority by being everywhere.
  • More Hours in Your Day Get more time so you can do more of what you love.
  • Predictable Pipeline Consistency creates predictability.
  • Personalized Follow Up Have real genuine connections and conversations.
  • Dominate Social Media Using Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads.
  • Increased Appointments Have more people to talk, to create more opportunities.
  • More Conversations A system that creates more conversations automatically.
  • Close More Deals More referrals, repeat business and increase conversions.
  • Fast Response Times Engage with new leads within minutes.
  • No More Lost Opportunities A system that keeps in touch, even if you forget.
  • Reach Your Goals A follow up plan to help you reach your income goals.
  • Deeper Relationships Create more referrals and repeat business on purpose.
  • Omni-Presence Be everywhere your customers are, from email to social.