How does it Work?

We combined our powerful technology with a virtual assistant, creating the industry's first Done for You Follow Up program!

Just choose and assign the follow-up tasks you want to be done, provide a few details— like how often and who to include— and that's it! LinkU will take over from there, and our team will do the rest!

Agent pressing the button
1 Press the Button

Answer a few short follow up questions, then sit back and relax as we take over.

LinkU Personal Assistant getting to work
2 Let LinkU Handle It!

We'll send your instructions to a Follow Up Assistant; who will set everything up and deliver your follow up to your clients and prospects.

Agent busy with sales, incoming calls, and follow up messages
3 Watch Your
Business Grow!

Well nurtured follow up increases referrals, word of mouth, client loyalty, and conversions.

No need to learn the software or figure out the technology!

With the LinkU Follow Up Assistant, you can save time and skip the frustration of trying to figure out and learn a new platform.

Agent celebrating that they don't need to learn new software
Ultimate Follow Up Machine & Follow Up Assistant Logo

Get more done in less time by letting your Follow Up Assistant do it for you...

We do it with proven follow up tasks!

No more guesswork, because we provide you a variety of proven and effective follow up tasks for you to assign to your Follow Up Assistant. Plus we're always adding more!

Reconnect with Past Clients

We'll create personal automation to initiate conversations with past clients every day.

Reconnect with Sphere

We'll create personal automation to initiate conversations with your sphere every day.

Campaign of the Month

We'll create a campaign that will change each month, with a focus on hot industry topics, holidays, etc.

Send a Special Message

We'll send a thank you, happy birthday, get well, congrats, or other special message.

Invite to Coffee or Tea

We'll send an invitation to connect with clients over coffee or tea.

Stay in Touch with Recent Buyers

We'll setup a year of automation to stay in touch after a deal is closed.

Congratulate New Buyers

We'll send a special welcome message to new buyers, including a card, or even a gift.

Get Help Creating a Voicemail

We'll hop on a Zoom call with you to help you record an effective voicemail.

Follow Up with New Online Leads

We'll connect your lead provider to LinkU and automated follow up.

Re-Engage Old Leads

We'll create automation to initiate conversations with your non-responsive leads every day.

Get Help Creating a Voicemail

We'll hop on a Zoom call with you to help you record an effective voicemail.

Generate Leads

We'll create an ad designed to bring in new buyer and sellers leads daily.

Setup a One-Page Website

We'll create an attractive website in just minutes.

Follow Up & Retargeting Ads

We'll create social media ads to stay top of mind of your prospects and past clients.

Upload/Clean Lists

We'll combine lists for you, while removing invalid and duplicate records.

Mass Update Contacts

We'll merge a new contact file with existing contacts.

Setup CRM Categories, Tags, & Statuses

We'll setup and clean up according to best practices.

Export Contacts to/from Other CRM

We'll export contacts from another CRM, such as Follow Up Boss, KVCore, Top Producer, Lion's Desk and more.

Go to Setup Wizard

We'll help you through the configuration wizard, SMS phone number and other settings.

Setup a One-Page Website

We'll create an attractive website in just minutes.

Configure Dedicated Email

We'll set up your outbound email and DNS records for best possible email deliverability.

Setup and Install Tracking Pixels

We'll help you setup your Facebook tracking pixels to allow targeting advertising.

Setup a Pro Website

We'll help you setup IDX, link a domain, make changes and more.

Setup Zapier Connection

We'll setup a Zapier connection to link your website to your CRM.

Calendar Integration

We'll hop on a call with you to integrate your calendar with LinkU.

Setup Calendly

We'll hop on a call with you to setup and integrate your Calendly account.

Follow Up Assistant Robot sending instructions from an agent to a LinkU Team
Carbon copy of agent taking care of tasks

Daily engagement with your database is like having a carbon copy of yourself

LinkU can send out follow up texts, emails and voicemails to a set number of contacts, everyday, on weekdays only, or just the days you prefer. It's like you're doing it all yourself — except you only need to actually talk to those who are ready to engage.

LinkU software promotional email and social media post

Special events, content, or offers promoted for you

Your contacts will know when you have something important to share, through email blasts and targeted social media posts.

Facebook and Instagram interfaces with posted content

Social posting on Facebook or Instagram

Your contacts will always know what you've been up to, with regular content on the world's most popular platforms.

LinkU software with regular emails

Curated emails sent each month

We'll regularly send advanced email blasts to your contact lists that are tailored to fit your personality, style, or clientele.

LinkU software with notifications and reminders

Get prompts and reminders on when you should be following up

We'll send you recommendations on follow up tasks you should launch and when to run them. You'll stay consistent with your contacts, and we'll make sure you're getting the most from our platform.

LinkU Personal Assistant being launched from many devices

Launch your Follow Up Assistant from anywhere

Quickly and easily launch the LinkU follow up assistant from the website, mobile app, text message, email and even your smart home device, such as Alexa.

Everything you need for personal and automated follow up...

Engage with Text Messages

Leverage the power of text messaging to keep in touch with your clients or follow up quickly with new inquiries.

Texts can be sent automatically or on a schedule, and images can be added for an extra touch of personalization.

Send Emails with a Purpose

Our delivery and reply rate for email is one of the highest in the industry, because they simply feel more personal.

No need for fancy commercialized templates, or complex layouts, just plain simple emails designed to maximize response.

Save Time with Ringless Voicemails

Generate return calls and conversations, by sending ringless voicemail drop messages directly to your contacts' mobile voicemail automatically, or on a schedule.

You can also customize your Caller ID to show a voice message from the phone number of your choice.

Send Postcards On-Demand

Send personalized postcards just like email: automated, bulk, or one at a time. Upload custom designs, personalize by name or other variables, and achieve lightning-fast delivery to your contacts' mailbox.

Amaze Clients with Personalized Handwritten Cards

Create positive impressions and long lasting bonds using handwritten notes and cards.

Our cards are created using custom-designed handwriting robots that hold real pens to write out the notes in the handwriting style of your choice.

Stay Top of Mind with Retargeting

Leverage the power of "retargeting ads", by advertising to people who already know you. Not just yearly or quarterly but weekly and even daily.

Stay in front of your prospects, contacts, family, friends, and clients when they are using Facebook, shopping, or reading an article online.

Stay Organized with Tasks & Calendar Reminders

LinkU can create tasks and reminders and sync them to your calendar automatically, so that you never forget to follow up with those contacts you want to reach out to personally.

Automate Almost Anything

Automate other platforms and services by triggering events from LinkU to other 3rd party platforms using API and Zapier connections.

This creates unlimited possibilities in the ways you can follow up.

LinkU Follow Up Assistant hard at work
LinkU software with custom follow up campaign tools

Easily create your own custom follow up tasks and campaigns

You have the ability to design and create your own follow up campaigns and turn them into tasks for your follow up assistant. We also offer services where we can create and design them for you.

LinkU software with customer relationship management tools

Built-In CRM for organizing and storing contacts

Don't already have a database or CRM? No worries! We provide a simple and easy to use contact manager with LinkU.

Easily integrate with Zillow, Zapier, LionDesk, Follow Up Boss, Instagram,, Google Calendar, Facebook, and more!

We play nicely with all of the tools you already use!

We make it easy to get your machine up and running!

Ultimate Follow Up Blueprint

Our strategies, methods, and concepts are based on our...
Ultimate Follow Up Blueprint Logo

Our follow up tasks are created based on our proprietary follow up framework, so you don't end up wasting time doing things that don't work.

Ultimate Follow Up Blueprint

And we're by your side every step of the way...

You'll finally get the guidance and accountability you need!

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You'll have fast and easy access to our support team by email, or our in-app chat.
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Schedule a zoom meeting or phone call with one of our experts for 1-on-1 guidance and support.
Success Team
Our PRO package offers a dedicated Success Manager who works with you to create a personalized follow up strategy for your business.
We offer an exclusive community for our members, called LinkU Success Club. Here you'll get access to special events, recordings, trainings and more.
Ultimate Follow
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An A-Z guide that teaches you the best practices and strategies for maximizing your follow up machine and follow up assistant.
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We teach you everything you need to know to be successful in your follow up and on using the LinkU platform.
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Join Wesley in an exclusive members-only training and Q&A each month on the best follow up and marketing strategies.
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We host small group Q&A Zoom sessions multiple times a week to answer questions, guide you on the best place to start, what to do next, and how to get the most from the platform for your specific needs.
Our Success Team hosts Implementation sessions multiple times a week to help you make sure you finally make your way through that to-do list once and for all.
You'll receive prompts and reminders with follow up tasks and other tips to ensure you never forget to follow up and help you leverage the power of your Follow Up Assistant.
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Ready to get started now?

Our automated and personalized follow up will deliver loyalty, referrals, and conversions, without the stress, guilt and lack of consistency.