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To keep our services affordable, our pricing is based on usage. Credits are used to send SMS, emails, voicemails and other follow up events. The number of contacts is approximate and based on typical usage. Your actual package pricing will differ depending on your exact contact count, and the frequency in which you wish to follow up with them. This tool estimates costs using the formula of roughly 10 credits per contact per month.
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Personal Follow
Up Machine
Ultimate Follow Up
Machine + Assistant
Ultimate Referral
Machine + Coaching
Personal Follow Up Machine Ultimate Follow Up Machine + Assistant Ultimate Referral Machine + Coaching
Personal Follow Up Machine Ultimate Follow Up Machine + Assistant Ultimate Referral Machine + Coaching
Training & Support
Email & Chat Support Yes Yes Yes
LinkUniversity Training Portal Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Success Club w/ Wesley Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Q&A Sessions Yes Yes Yes
Ultimate Follow Up Blueprint Course Yes Yes Yes
1-on-1 Support Calls Yes Yes
No Need to Learn Software Yes Yes
1-on-1 VIP Kick Off Call Yes
LeadGen & Follow Up (Retargeting) Ads
Easy Retargeting Ad Wizard + Ad Library Yes Yes Yes
Pixel Setup & Installation Yes Yes Yes
LeadGen Ads for Facebook + Instagram 1 5
Facebook + Instagram Retargeting 3 6
Google Display Network Retargeting Yes
YouTube Retargeting Yes
Done For You Tasks & Tech Implementation
Connect Lead Sources for You Yes Yes Yes
Follow Up Assistant Yes Yes
Push Button Done for You Yes Yes
Follow Up Suggestions & Reminders Yes Yes
Launch Assistant from SMS, Alexa & App Yes Yes
Reconnect with Past Clients Yes Yes
Reconnect with Sphere Yes Yes
Send Blog, Video, Content to List Yes Yes
Send Handwritten Greeting Card Yes Yes
Send a Special Message (Sympathy, Birthday, etc) Yes Yes
Stay in Touch with Recent Buyer Yes Yes
Congratulate New Buyers Yes Yes
Follow Up with New Leads Yes Yes
Follow Up with Open House Visitors Yes Yes
Re-Engage Old Leads Yes Yes
Promote a Listing Yes Yes
Generate Leads Yes Yes
Setup Home Value Landing Page Yes Yes
Setup Retargeting Ads Yes Yes
Export/Import Contacts from Other CRM Yes Yes
Data Entry (Input Contacts from Paper/PDF)* Yes Yes
Setup Zapier Connections Yes Yes
Setup & Install Tracking Pixel Yes Yes
Setup Calendar Integrations Yes Yes
Auto-Pilot Tasks Yes
Custom Follow Up Tasks Yes
Contact Management (CRM)
Two-Way Texting Yes Yes Yes
Organize with Tags, Statuses and Categories Yes Yes Yes
Add and Manage Contacts w/ App Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Filtering Yes Yes Yes
Add Notes & Comments Yes Yes Yes
Create Tasks and Reminders Yes Yes Yes
Connects to Thousands of Apps & CRMs w/ Zapier Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Lead Ads Yes Yes Yes
Tasks Sync with Google Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Tasks Sync with Any Calender Using .ics Yes Yes Yes
Follow Up System
Follow Up Campaign Library Yes Yes Yes
Email, Text and Voicemails Yes Yes Yes
Intelligent Campaigns Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Follow Up
Send Automated Postcards* Yes Yes Yes
Send Handwritten Greeting Cards* Yes Yes Yes
Bulk Email Campaigns Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Automated Tasks Yes Yes
Dedicated Sending Email Domain Additional Cost Yes Yes
Monthly Market Boost Additional Cost Yes
Credits & Additional Costs
Emails 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit
SMS Text Messages 2 credits 2 credits 2 credits
MMS Text Messages (w/ Images) 3 credits 3 credits 3 credits
Voicemails 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits
API/HTTP Posts 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit
Postcards (Includes Card & Postage) $0.50 each $0.50 each $0.50 each
Handwritten Cards (Includes Card & Postage) $3.00 each $3.00 each $3.00 each
Other Tools
One-Page Website Yes Yes Yes
Proven Landing Pages Yes Yes Yes
Listing Promotion Tools Yes Yes Yes
Personalized Images for Follow Up Yes
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* Additional costs may apply. See table for details.

Some frequently asked questions

What is Digital Follow Up? (opens answer below)

Digital Follow Up is the online and digital version of traditional follow up. Instead of mailing postcards, manually calling or texting, door knocking, etc., your follow up is automated and you can use ads which display online, such as Facebook, Instagram and/or Google to get in front of your SOI, past clients, website visitors, Zillow leads, etc.

Do I have to do everything myself? (opens answer below)

Our platform is a hybrid approach to doing everything yourself and having some things done for you. Our system makes managing and creating follow up and ad campaigns easy for anyone to do it. Our team will be the one to setup the actual ads on Facebook, and other technical connections necessary to make it work together with our system. We also offer a complete done for you solution with our Follow Up Assistant program.

What is an ad budget and is there a minimum? (opens answer below)

The ad budget is the amount you'll be needed to spend with Facebook and/or Google. We'll provide recommendations for minimum ad spend depending on the type of campaign. For example, retargeting minimum is only $15/mo. Lead Gen minimums start at $10/day. The ad budget may be paid directly to the ad platform and managed by LinkU, or paid to us to manage your budget on ad depending on certain requirements or restrictions.

Why is the ad budget so low for retargeting? (opens answer below)

The reason is because with retargeting, you are not advertising to hundreds of thousands of people, you are only advertising to your own list (people who already know, like and trust you, or have interacted with you, your Facebook page or website in some way). This is only a few thousand people or even hundreds of people, which means you don't need large budgets to stay in front of them. Spending too much on a small audience would cause your ad to appear way too often, which could get annoying.

Is this program designed to get me leads? (opens answer below)

Our Ultimate Follow Up Machine does include some Lead Gen options, which can generate as many leads as you want depending on budget. Remember though the fortune is in the follow up! This program is designed to follow up with and keep you in front of your contacts, SOI, past clients, website visitors, leads, etc. It is designed to create conversations, generate replies and call backs. It is designed to help you maintain relationships, which create opportunities. Of course the results vary based on how you use the system, the number of contacts, quality, etc.

Can you send me referrals I can talk to? (opens answer below)

We used to hand out phone numbers and email addresses to our clients as referrals, and they were happy to help. However, since we've been growing, and hundreds of people are now considering LinkU each and every week, it has become just too much for them. Please see our Facebook page (opens in new window) or Google profile (opens in new window) for reviews.

Is there a contract? (opens answer below)

Not usually. You have the option to pay monthly, or earn a discount by paying annually. If you buy an annual package at retail and cancel early, you'll simply be prorated and refunded the remaining amount, subtracting any annual discounts. The only exception are programs or packages, purchased as part of a promotional offer, such as a webinar, sale, flash sale, or special package deal are subject to that individual offers refund policy and/or guarantee.

Can I switch packages anytime? (opens answer below)

Yes, you can switch your package to any of our other bundles, or even any of our available à la carte packages.