Want to know how we do it?

Our 6-Point Proven Process

Helps you implement a personal follow up system that will consistently grow and leverage your database, delivering more referrals and conversions.

Step 1 Your Database

We'll start by getting all of your clients, contacts and leads categorized and sorted into a single database.

With all of your connections organized in one place, we'll be able to run targeted follow up processes for maximum engagement.

Step 2 Past Clients & SOI

We'll initiate a follow up strategy that will build relationships with your past clients and other people within your sphere of influence.

With follow up campaigns designed for long term engagement, we'll create conversations with the people you know, positioning you as their go-to real estate expert.

Step 3 Re-Engage

Our adaptive follow up campaigns are engineered to help with more than just past clients. We'll dig deeper into your database to find new opportunities in old leads.

Prospects that were dead ends months or even years ago can be brought back to life with our carefully calibrated personalized engagement.

Step 4 New Prospects

Using a combination of lead generating tools such as targeted ads, listing promotions, landing pages, and more, we'll create a predictable pipeline of incoming prospects.

As these new leads enter your database, they'll automatically be funneled into follow up systems designed directly for them.

Step 5 Top of Mind

We'll show your contacts that you dominate social media by implementing Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads.

In combination with Google retargeting ads* and our intelligent follow up campaigns, when people think of your industry, we'll guarantee that you stay at the top of their mind.

* Available on Select Packages Only

Step 6 Convert!

We'll send out regular bursts of content on your behalf, including email newsletters, video messages, webinar announcements, and more!

Not only does this keep you top of mind, but it also furthers engagement by funneling your contacts into Call-to-Action opportunities over and over again.

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